Your Gateway to the Marine Corps Community in Hawaii

Support our Marines, Sailors, and their families. The foundation of a strong defense isn’t just training but a balanced lifestyle. At Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), our mission is twofold:

  • Readiness: Ensuring our Marines and Sailors are prepared.
  • Recreation: Offering diverse fitness and leisure programs for the whole military family.

From Active Duty and Reserve to Retirees and Civilians, we cater to every part of the Marine Corps community. And, you can be a part of this mission.

Join Hands with MCCSBy collaborating with the MCCS Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Program, you not only support the military community but also gain access to a thriving market. As our partner:

  • Offset MCCS event and service costs.
  • Connect directly with the military community.
  • Enhance brand recognition and engagement.

Explore the myriad advertising opportunities at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

Effective Advertising Channels:

  1. Billboards: Prime locations with variable impressions.
  2. Electronic Marquees: Witnessed by approximately 10,000 people daily.
  3. Digital Displays: Target Marines at various facilities across the installation.
  4. Website: Accessible information hub.
  5. Social Media: Direct engagement with thousands of followers.
  6. Additional Avenues: From fuel stations to golf courses and more.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii: Demographics Snapshot

  • Majority under 25 years.
  • Nearly 40% are Junior Enlisted.
  • Growing population projected for 2030.

Harness this dynamic audience for your business growth.

Sponsorship Rewards: Elevate your brand while championing our cause. Benefits include:

  • Personal interactions with your target audience.
  • Product showcases at sponsored events.
  • Unique recognition at every event.
  • Solidify brand positioning within the military community.

Investing in the Marine Corps Community: Engage, understand, and grow with MCCS. From logo placements to personal interactions, maximize your brand exposure.

Available Programs for Sponsorship:

  • Food & Hospitality
  • Marine & Family Programs
  • Recreation
  • Retail
  • Semper Fit
  • Special Events, and more.

Connect with MCCS Today: Let’s curate a marketing strategy tailored for you. Contact Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Specialist at:

Join our mission. Strengthen your brand. Build a stronger Marine Corps community in Hawaii.

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