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Check out all the things to do aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

Things to do

Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH)


Main Pool

Tue - Fri Lap Swim 1100-1300
Tue - Fri Recreation & Lap Swim 1300-1700
Sat - Sun Recreation & Lap Swim 1200-1700
Pool Break 1400-1430

The Main Base Pool is a 50m pool with a depth ranging from 3ft to 12ft, offering 11 lanes for lap swimming, recreational swimming, swim lessons, and Sharks Club Team Practice. The facility includes daily use locker rooms, restrooms, showers, deck chairs, and picnic tables with umbrellas. Recreation options include lifejackets and diving boards, but non-Coast Guard approved flotation devices such as inner tubes, water wings, and kickboards are not permitted. For lap swimming and training, aqua joggers, kickboards, pull buoys, and dive bricks are available.

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O'Club Pool

Mon - Fri Lap Swim 0630-0800

The facility is suitable for early morning lap swim, Sharks Club Swim Team Practice, and Swim Lessons. The pool measures 25 yards with a depth ranging from 3ft to 12ft and offers a maximum of 5 lanes. Amenities include changing rooms with restrooms and showers, as well as kickboards and pull buoys for training.

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Camp Smith


Hilltop Pool

Mon - Fri Lap Swim 1000-1400

The facility is ideal for training and lap swimming, with a main pool measuring 25 yards and a depth ranging from 5.5ft to 12ft, and a therapy pool with a depth of 1ft to 3.5ft. There are up to 5 lanes available. Amenities include a daily use locker room with restrooms and showers, kick boards, pull buoys, and an outdoor workout area with access to free weights, pull up bar, rowing machine, and deck chairs.

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Manana Housing


Housing Pool

Sat - Sun 1100-1700

The facility is designed for recreational swim and limited lap swim, with a main pool measuring 25 meters and a depth ranging from 3.5ft to 9ft, and a kiddie pool for children aged 6 and under with a depth of 1.5ft to 2ft. Amenities include change rooms with showers and restrooms, tables with umbrellas, deck chairs, and a quick walk to the Marine Mart. During recreational swim, only Coast Guard approved flotation devices are allowed in the shallow end of the main pool.

Manana Housing Pool Patron information & Rules

There will be a pool break 10 minutes before the top of every hour.  Patrons can stay in the facility during the break but they will have to exit the water.  This is to eliminate exhaustion and hypothermia since we are not implementing the 30 minute cleaning break during the middle of the day.

Manana Housing Pool Patron information & Rules: 

  1. All Patrons must check in at the Check-In Table upon entering the facility. 

  1. Minors ages 9 and under must be accompanied by a Parent / Guardian / Sponsor aged 18+ with a valid Military / Dependent ID at all times.   

  1. Minors ages 10-15 may enter the facility unaccompanied providing they show a valid Military / Dependent ID and a valid MCCS Semper Fit Swim Pass (Blue Pass) upon check-in. 

  1. Patrons 16+ must show a valid Military / Dependent ID or State ID / Driver’s License (if sponsored) upon check-in.  Physical ID cards must be presented (no photos).  Photos of MCCS Swim Passes will be accepted. 

  1. Sponsors must be aged 18+ and remain with their guests at all times. 

  1. Minors aged 15 and under must take a Swim Evaluation in order to swim in the deep end.  MCCS Semper Fit Swim Passes are valid for 1 year and can be used at Manana Housing Pool and the MCBH Base Pools. 

Swim Evaluation: 

  • 25-meter swim freestyle or breaststroke.  No doggy paddle or underwater swimming. 
  • 2 minutes of treading water with ears out of the water.  No back floating. 
  1. Parents / Guardians must supervise their children in the Kiddie Pool at all times as there is no designated lifeguard for that pool. No lifejackets or flotation devices are allowed in the Kiddie Pool. 

  1. Non-Coast Guard approved flotation devices are not allowed in the Pool (i.e.: inner tubes, pool noodles, water wings). 

  1. Coastguard approved Lifejackets are greatly recommended for non-swimmers as the shallow roped off area does reach 5 feet at the deepest point. Children should be no farther than one arm’s length away from accompanying adults in the water at all times. 

  1. No alcohol, smoking/vaping or glass containers are allowed in the facility.  Food and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed in the facility, just not in the pool itself. 

  1. Pets are not allowed in the facility. 

  1. Horseplay or any activity deemed unsafe by the lifeguards on duty will not be allowed. 

*Additional Pool Rules are posted on the Pool Rules signs hanging in the facility. * 

Our primary goal is the safety of all of our patrons at all times! 

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