New Parent Support Program (NPSP)

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Helping New Parents Transition Into Parenthood

Helping Marines and their families learn to cope with stress, isolation, deployment, and the everyday demands of parenthood.

Overview of the Program

The New Parent Support Program (NPSP) is dedicated to fostering healthy families by offering a range of services designed to support and educate new parents. The program's mission is to assist Marines and their families in navigating the challenges and responsibilities of parenthood, from the stresses of deployment to the daily demands of raising a child.

Who is Eligible

Marine families expecting or currently raising children aged 0-5 years are eligible to participate in NPSP.

How to Get Started

To schedule a home visit or to learn more about the services offered, call NPSP at (808) 257-8803.

Key Services Offered

The Health Promotions program offers a variety of services, including:

  1. Home Visits: Focuses on providing private, in-home support for new parents, creating a comfortable environment for discussing concerns and questions about parenthood.
  2. Group Support:
    • Baby Boot Camp: Teaches parents the essentials of infant development, self-care, safety, newborn care, and introduces them to community resources. The class is designed especially for new parents.
      • Schedule: Every 2nd Monday of the month from February to December.
      • How to Attend: Due to limited seating, it's crucial to register early for this free class by calling NPSP.
    • Breastfeeding Support Group: Offers a welcoming environment for parents to discuss and learn about breastfeeding. Both expectant mothers and fathers are invited to attend.
      • Schedule: Fridays, 1130 - 1330 at Building 216.
    • Play Mornings: Provides a casual setting for parents to connect, share experiences, and learn about child feeding, growth, development, and positive parenting practices.
      • Schedule: Every Tuesday, 9:00-11:00, either in BLDG 216 or on the front lawn.
  3. Referrals: If you require additional services either through the military health care system, your local installation, or the community, NPSP professionals can guide you to the most suitable resources for your needs.

New Parent Support boasts a proficient team consisting of social workers, counselors, and registered nurses who are dedicated to providing education and support to Marine families. Through a combination of home visits, support groups, and parenting classes, NPSP employs a strengths-based developmental and family-centered approach to assist parents.


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