Authorized Patrons. All eligible patrons over 18 years of age are authorized to utilize the fitness center during unmanned hours.

Registration/Access Control:

  • All eligible patrons requesting access to the fitness centers while unmanned will register with either the Kbay, Kulia or Camp Smith Fitness Center.
  • Patrons will complete Statement of Understanding and Risk/Waiver Forms.
    User Agreement FormRisk/Waiver Form
    • Forms must be signed in front of Semper Fit staff.
  • Upon completing the forms patrons will be emailed the access code providing them access to the facility while in unmanned status.
  • The door code will be periodically changed and will be emailed out to all registered patrons.
  • Patrons that have not completed the forms will not be provided the code.
  • Patrons that do not comply with the policies will have their unmanned privileges revoked and will not be provided access codes.

Questions: Semper Fit Main Gym Front Desk: 808-254-7597

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