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A first stop and continuing resource

The Information, Referral, and Relocation Services (IRRS) is one of your first stops when you arrive aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) and your resource during your stay.

IRRS is the go-to for Marines, Sailors, and their families when arriving aboard or departing Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH). IRRS provides relocation assistance to families and offers a wealth of information to keep your transition on or off base smooth.

Aloha, and on behalf of Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS), welcome to Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH).


The following resources may be helpful to you and your family as you get settled into your new island home. Also, please contact your sponsor, unit DRC, or S-1.  To learn about school options, contact the School Liaison Program that supports the educational transitions of Marine Corps families with school-aged children that offers personalized guidance tailored to your child's educational needs.


Don't hesitate to contact the MCCS Marine and Family Programs | Information, Referral, and Relocation Services if you need further assistance. Walk-ins are welcome. Additionally, schedule a visit:


Please review the following resources to get you started.

Travel planning

Arriving With Family

Service members arriving with family should make reservations at The Inns of the Corps, the temporary lodging facility on MCBH. If the Inns of the Corps are unavailable, request a statement of non-availability from them. The Ford Island Navy Lodge is recommended for those working at Camp Smith.


Arriving Without Family

Geo-Bachelors arriving without their family members and single officers may contact Five Palms to make reservations for temporary lodging at these respective offices:

  • E6 to E9 - Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) at 808-257-2409
  • Officers - Bachelors Officer Quarters (BOQ) at 808-257-2409

First Duty Station Service Members

First duty service members must complete the Personal Readiness Seminar (PRS) within 90 days before arriving at Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH). The seminar can be accessed at the Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) portal at and search for "Personal Readiness Seminar" in the course catalog (J3O or P-US1395). Submit your certificate to your S-1 training & education section.

Getting married enroute

Please give your command advanced notice if you plan to get married while en route to your new duty station. Information will be provided to help guide you in preparing for your arrival at Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH).

If you get married en route to Hawaii, you must inform your Hawaii command immediately and get guidance from them. Most units have a pre-marriage checklist (usually with the S-1) that provides guidance.

Firearm registration

Any firearms brought to Hawaii must be registered with the state. Registration paperwork is necessary for PCS on and off the island. If you try to hide firearms in your shipment and they are discovered, your household goods will be seized, and you may be subject to fines or other penalties.

Housing on and off base

Service Members accompanied by command-sponsored dependents must check in with their unit and the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) and promptly report to the Family Housing Office within three working days of arrival. Marines must provide:

  • Copies of their endorsed original orders.
  • Detaching and reporting endorsement from their S-1.
  • Travel vouchers/documents.

Other service members supported at MCB Hawaii will need to provide a copy of their endorsed original orders and Command Sponsorship Letter. Don't hesitate to contact the S-4/Family Housing Office if you have questions about your application and process or schedule an appointment with our counselors.



Other Resources to support your move include:

  • FREE - Temporary "Aloha Furniture" available for families living on and off base. Housing facilitates the delivery, so please ask about Aloha loaner furniture at your appointment. The utility deposit waiver program is also available for anyone living off base for free set-up.


If you are planning to live off base, please visit

Religious services

If you are looking for religious services, please visit the Base Chapel website at

Medical and health care

Castle Medical Center in Kailua is the closest hospital to Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH). MCBH has emergency services access, so please call 911 if you experience an emergency medical issue, and an ambulance will come. The MCBH clinic on base does not have emergency services, so please do not go to the clinic for an emergency.

Visit TRICARE online for more information about local services.

Employment Resources

Please connect with the MCCS Marine and Family Programs | Family Member Employment Assistance Program to learn more about employment opportunities.
PCS & Moving Workshop directives, MCO 1320.11G, Marine Corps Sponsorship Program, Information and Referral MCO 1754.10A, SECNAVINST 1754.1B, Department of the Navy Family Support Programs

LEAVING Hawaii in the next 6 months? Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves are challenging. Marine & Family Programs is here to support you with resources that will help make your move smooth and stress free. This PCS toolkit is a reference sheet of the outbound process as well as services you may need to utilize. Please review the contacts listed below and contact Information, Referral & Relocation Services at 808-257-7786 or email OMBKBAY.MCBHIRRS@USMC-MCCS.ORG if you have any questions or need clarification for your individual circumstances.


1. Attend the PCS & Moving Workshop

This is a mandatory program for anyone PCSing (EAS can attend, but it is not mandatory). No orders necessary to attend. Spouses can attend in place of the service member

Check out for registration and dates.

2. Distribution Management Office

  1. Set up or reactivate your account,
  2. Schedule & attend DMO outbound brief at: 808-257-3566, bldg. 209 on the corner of 2nd street and C street (or at the Camp Smith office, MARFORPAC building).
  3. Once your account is activated, completed the DMO outbound brief, and have the necessary paperwork then you can complete your outbound interview with your S-1/G-1 and then start making arrangements with IPAC outbound.

3. IPAC Outbound Support

Building 1043, 2nd deck, (808) 257-2401/1857. Once your outbound interview is approved, go to 2nd deck of IPAC for initial interview/flights (members cannot fly until at least 10 business days after that initial visit).

  • For advance pay request, complete the advance pay form. Your Battalion or Squadron Commander must sign all advance pay requests if more than 1 month with payback in 12 months.
  • If shipping a vehicle attach a copy of the signed VPC worksheet from DMO to your OBI or bring with you to IPAC.

4. Housing

After IPAC flight reservations are complete you should call your housing RSO (if you are in base housing or talk to your landlord if you are off base) and schedule a pre-PCS appointment to go over your dates and move out information. Your housing RSO can provide you with cleaning information. Self-help has material you can use for repair projects, but you should call maintenance ASAP if you have unresolved issues that they can fix prior to your departure. Notice to move should be given within 28 days (some exceptions apply). Notice to vacate and all PCS related business should be conducted in person at your RSO office.

5. Travel Entitlements

Schedule an appointment or walk in to see the Military Finance Office, Building 216- 1st Deck (facing the base library) to get an official estimate of your full entitlements, (808) 257-7771/ 7766 by appointment.

**Please note that TLA requires a separate appointment from military finance and IPAC outbound and can be done prior to completion of your outbound interview. Meet with the Temporary Lodging Allowance office (TLA) 30 Days Prior to detaching from your command, call for an appointment. Departure TLA for MCBH is 7 days at an approved lodging source. TLA can supply you with the official list of current TLA approved lodges:

  • U.S. Marine Corps TLA Office (808) 257- 2198/1582, Building 1043, 1st deck
  • U.S. Navy TLA Office PSD Pearl Harbor (808) 471-2405

6. Legal Assistance (if needed)

Building 215, (808) 257-6738
  • Power of Attorney (PoA)
  • Green Card/Immigration Support
  • Assistance with lease/landlord issues

7. Disabled American Veterans

(DAV), (808) 254-7682 this is recommended for those getting out of the service. The DAV rep will review your medical record and discuss how to file for VA medical benefits post active duty. This is by appointment only in building 244 next to the library.

8. Department of Veterans Affairs

(VA), (808) 257-9922 by appointment as needed to review or get assistance with benefits, mostly popularly education and the VA home loan.

9. Medical Records

Dependents can request a copy of immunizations & last physical. Dependents must request their records upon arriving at their New Military Treatment Facility or medical provider. Visit Family Medical Records 30 days prior to detaching from command for copies of medications and immunizations.

10. Health Insurance

TRICARE online: Moving? Transfer Your Prime Enrollment with Just a Phone Call. Frequent moves can be frustrating for active duty families. TRICARE gives you one less thing to worry about with Moving Made Easy. Now, whether stateside or overseas, you can transfer enrollment with just one phone call to your new location. You don't need orders; there are no waiting lists and no forms to complete. When you get to your new duty station, just pick up the phone and call your regional contractor or log on to

  • Over-the-Counter (OTC) Program at the pharmacy
  • DEERS, 808-257-2077 (MCBH Office) or 1-800-538-9552

11. Personal Vehicle Shipment

DMO will provide paperwork and assist with the initial phase of shipping your vehicle back to the mainland. You must then set up an appointment for drop off of your vehicle with the VPC or Vehicle Processing Center on Sand Island. They take walk-ins, but you have to wait until all the appointments are completed and it can take hours so we highly recommend the appointment. Check with DMO regarding what is needed at the appointment and how to prep your vehicle prior to shipment. We recommend checking that your driver’s license and car insurance is up to date. You should also check to see if there are any open recalls on your vehicle. Something must be shown to the VPC that indicates that â€‹your vehicle either does not have an open recall or the recall has been fixed by a certified mechanic or that the vehicle is so old or rare that the recall can no longer be fixed. If you need to dispose of a vehicle please call or email information, referral and relocation services for details on scraping services. PCS my vehicle

12. Book Outbound Lodging

The Inns of the Corps at the front gate of MCBH is the primary lodging facility for this installation. Call them at 808-254-2806 to book once you have your pack our date from DMO and have given notice to housing. If the Inns of the Corps is fully booked please obtain a statement of non-availability from them so that you can get your outbound entitlements and proceed with booking a hotel from the TLA approved list. Do NOT book anything on a travel website or Airbnb. The Marine Corps Base Hawaii beach cottages and cabanas are not TLA approved, they are considered recreational.


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