The support you need during all aspects of deployment

A continuum of readiness education including pre-, during-, and post-deployment support at the unit level for Marines and their entire family: spouse, children, and extended family members.


Marines and Families

This workshop highlights critical areas of personal and family preparation for single Marines, married Marines, and their respective families. Marine Corps Family Team Building trainers and subject matter experts provide suggestions for individual and family preparation, including important documents, emergency communication, money management, operational security, sources of assistance, information, and referral resources. This is a required brief per MCO 1754.9B to be held 30-45 days prior to departure. A Pre-Deployment Agreement form is required to facilitate this brief.

Parents and Children

This workshop uses age-appropriate activities for children five and older to gain practical skills to help overcome challenges related to the upcoming deployment. The adult component combines discussion and demonstrations highlighting how parents can support their children and recognize common reactions children may exhibit due to deployment-related stress.


Mid-Deployment Success

This workshop is designed to promote deployment success for the spouse or significant other at home and includes suggestions for fun things to do, goal setting, and resources. The workshop is an excellent opportunity to assess progress thus far, get new ideas for continued success, and network with other Marine Corps spouses and significant others.

Kids and Deployment

This workshop is designed to promote deployment success for kids, including reactions to deployment, ways parents can help their kids feel connected to the deployed parent, and resources to help you and your child thrive during a deployment.

Return and Reunion

Spouses and Significant Others

Spouses and significant others of returning Marines are eager to discuss homecoming anticipation, expectations, and concerns. This workshop touches on those topics, possible return dates, and information from the DRC. Ideas for communication and what plans to make before the Marine returns are discussed. This is a brief that is required to be provided to remain-behind family members and is part of the required Pre-Deployment Agreement form.

Parents and Kids

Age-appropriate activities for children aged five and older are used to prepare for the upcoming return, reunion, and reintegration with their Marine parent. The adult component combines discussion and scenario activities to demonstrate ways parents can support their child during reintegration.


Reintegration Success

This educational workshop provides a forum for couples to assess their recent deployment experience, address the effect of reintegration on a relationship, and assess the level of relationship satisfaction. Couples are provided communication tools and resources daily to strengthen their relationship.


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