Staff NCO Club

The SNCO Club is located in the Klipper Golf Center. Accessible either through the front or side entrance, the SNCO Club is a relaxing environment, perfect for hanging out. This facility is strictly for the use of E6-E9. Make the most of your club – you’ve earned it!

(No children under 18 allowed in the bar.)

Wings Special

Enjoy $1 wings every Thursday and Friday from 1630 to 2000. Dine-in only.

BaseO 1746.20C

Minors will not be permitted in the club in any area where liquor is served except when accompanied by an eligible adult patron and the minor is an individual 18-20 years of age, excluding dining room and private events.

The Officers' Club at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii

Dinning Area Hours  | All Hands
Monday 1100-1300
Tuesday 1100-1300
Wednesday 1100-1300 & 1700-2030
Thursday 1100-1300 & 1700-2030
Friday 1100-1300 & 1700-2030
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Holiday hours may vary.
O'Lounge Hours | Officers Only
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 1600-2100
Thursday 1600-2100
Friday 1500-2200
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Holiday hours may vary.

Open to Active-Duty & Dependents, Retirees & Dependents, and MCBH Civilians (NAF & GS employees employed on MCBH) as well as Public Partners Program (PPP) participants. Take-out & outdoor poolside seating available. 


The Officers’ Club at Kaneohe Bay, built in 1941, supports the proud tradition and heritage of the Marine Corps way of life. Today, various dining programs are offered to military ranks E6 and above, as well as a separate bar for Officers. On Wednesdays, the dining room is open to all hands.

Perched on top of a hill that unfolds a majestic view of the Pacific Ocean and the Koolau Mountains, The Officers’ Club houses three reception rooms that provide the ideal environment for special events from small parties to large receptions. Hail & farewells, wedding receptions, wet downs, birthday parties and more can also be booked.

For lunch or dinner, the dining area serves the finest entrees. Dining is open to E6 and above. The O’Lounge and Hilltop Pool provide ideal places to relax and unwind.

The Officers’ Club Phone: 254-7650

Dining Room

The Officers’ Club dining room features panoramic views of the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course and Pacific Ocean. All menus are carefully crafted and are a testament to Hawaii’s regional influences. Like us on the O’Club Facebook page   to get the most up-to-date Lunch and Menu Specials. Now Open! Mongolian BBQ, salad bar & pasta bar!


Reserved exclusively for Officers, the O’Lounge proudly continues the tradition of Marine Corps clubs at Kaneohe Bay. The O’Lounge provides an opportunity for camaraderie and promotes espirit de corps.

O’Lounge is available to Officers and equivalents. Please call 254-7650 for more information. No one under 18 years of age allowed in the O’Lounge and 18-20 must be escorted by someone 21 or older.


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