American Clipper Barber Shop | Camp Smith
Monday 0700-1530
Tuesday 0700-1530
Wednesday 0700-1530
Thursday 0700-1530
Friday 0700-1530
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed
Seasonal and Holiday Hours
American Clipper Barber Shop | Mokapu Mall
Monday 0600-1900
Tuesday 0700-1900
Wednesday 0700-1900
Thursday 0700-1900
Friday 0700-1900
Saturday 0700-1900
Sunday 0700-2000
Seasonal and Holiday Hours

Open to all authorized patrons. All hours are open for walk-ins with no reservation required. 

American Clipper Barber Shop | Selden Street
Monday 0600-1800
Tuesday 0800-1600
Wednesday 0800-1600
Thursday 0800-1600
Friday 0800-1600
Saturday 0800-1600
Sunday 0800-1900
Seasonal and Holiday Hours

Located at the Selden Street Marine Mart Complex. Open to all authorized patrons. 

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