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What is injury prevention

Injury prevention is defined as activities to prevent, ameliorate, treat, and/or reduce injury-re...

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Is Drinking Draining Your Wallet?

Drinking alcohol regularly can be costly. Did you know that Americans making low-risk choices spe...

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Health, Wellness, and Performance

Health, Wellness, and Performance is a conceptual framework used to align resources to optimize w...

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Routines that Help with Trauma Recovery

Make changes where you can to your daily nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness routine. Even one chan...

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Dangers of Limited Sleep

Many factors could be causing damage to your sleep. Luckily, there are things you can do about it...

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Strategies to Improve Sleep

Helpful strategies to develop healthy sleeping habits. Sleep is imperative to military performanc...

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"Dripping" –A New Version of Vaping Among Teenagers

New ways to use tobacco are found just as quickly as new products hit the market; so if you haven...

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What's in Your Supplements?

If a dietary supplement is sold in stores, it must be safe, right? Wrong. When it comes to dietar...

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The New Tobacco 21 Law

You aren't the only one making New Year's Resolutions this year. Last month, December 2019, legis...

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Big Tobacco Targets Military Because "Military is Less Educated, Part of 'Wrong Crowd' and Have Limited Job Prospects"

Have you ever wondered why tobacco has been such a big part of military culture? One of the reaso...

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Holiday Hacks for a Healthy Workplace

The holiday crunch is almost upon us. Days are shorter and darker, it’s cold outside, and on top ...

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