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Preparing for Natural Disasters as a Marine Corps Family

Creating a plan to manage natural disasters is an essential element of your Marine Corps family’s...

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Family Meetings: Why They Are a Good Idea

Regular family meetings can help build emotional connectedness, open lines of communication and h...

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Emotional Support for Caregivers

The respite care reimbursement program is intended to reduce stress on sponsor families by provid...

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Spouses Benefit from Self-Care While Marines Are Deployed

It is important to care for your mind, body, and spirit throughout your Marine’s deployment.

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Marine Corps Reimburses Spouse Licensure Costs Related to PCS Moves

Military spouses can now receive up to $1,000 for licensure and certification costs resulting fro...

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Leveling the High School Sports Playing Field for Service Members’ Children 

Military students face many challenges both academically and in sports. The Military Interstate C...

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Marine Corps Family Team Building PSA

A quick preview of just some of the resources and information provided by Marine Corps Family Tea...

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