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Summer is the Perfect Time to Volunteer

Each installation has a variety of programs that are looking for volunteers throughout the summer...

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An Easy Piece of the Connection Puzzle: Volunteering

Volunteering helps create connections and is a great way to build a stronger community. Volunteer...

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MCAS Miramar SMP Days of Service at the USS Midway Museum

During the Single Marine Program (SMP) Days of Service this week, Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS)...

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MCAS Cherry Point SMP Point Days of Service Supports Veterans Organic Garden

Ever since the inaugural Single Marine Program (SMP) Day of Service began in 2015, Marine Corps A...

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PCS for Success: Nine Reasons to Attend a PCS Workshop

Moving can be stressful, but there is help available. Marines are required to attend the Permane...

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Wondering What You Can Do This Summer? Volunteer!

Summer is a time of many changes; PCS season, schools are out, and days are longer. This summer p...

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Volunteer Appreciation Month: Virtual Version

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month! Volunteering looks different in a world that requires phys...

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Seven Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season is upon us, our thoughts turn to good will and ways we can give back....

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Volunteer Appreciation Week Spotlight

April 15–21 marks Volunteer Appreciation Week. Marine Corps volunteers are a special kind of volu...

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Don't let Covid-19 Deprive You of Important Social Connections

Does it seem like 2020 has put the kibosh on your day-to-day socializing activities, like visitin...

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What are the Steps for Marines Who Are Interested in Applying for LSP?

Are you a Marine who has dreams of pursuing your education at a selective school? The Leadership ...

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Single Marine Program "Days of Service" Provides Hours of Volunteer Aid

Every April, Marines across the Corps trade their rifles for shovels as part of the Single Marine...

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