Your Guide to a Seamless Educational Journey

The School Liaison Program supports and facilitates school transitions for Marine Corps families with school-age children.

School Liaison Program (SLP) Overview

The School Liaison Program (SLP) is a dedicated service designed to support the educational transitions of Marine Corps families with school-aged children. Whether you're relocating or navigating the educational system in Hawaii, the SLP acts as a guide and resource, ensuring that every child's academic needs are met and parents are well-informed.

Who is Eligible

Marine Corps families with school-aged children are eligible to access the services provided by the School Liaison Program.

How to Get Started

  • Contact the SLP Office: Visit the School Liaison office at MCB Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay, Building 216, Room 28 from Monday to Friday, between 0800-1600. Personalized guidance tailored to your child's educational needs awaits you.
  • Online Registration: For specific school services, such as the School Age Care program, place your request via
  • Collect Necessary Documents: Depending on the services you're seeking, you might need specific documents related to your child's education or health. For instance, the Hawaii Department of Education Student Health Record is crucial for enrollment.
  • Stay Informed: Visit the official Hawaii Public Schools website and other relevant links provided to gather comprehensive information on educational services and requirements in Hawaii.

What the School Liaison Program Does for You

Guidance on Educational Choices: The SLP provides current information on public schools, private schooling, homeschooling, and other educational services in Hawaii.

Understanding Hawaii’s School Year: Get insights on school durations, scheduled breaks, and other important academic calendar details.

Fee and Registration Assistance: Understand the fee structures for various programs and get help with the registration process.

Resource and Information Referrals: The SLP offers a plethora of resources, both local and national, to ensure you have all the information you need. Whether it's about the Hawaii Department of Education, the Adopt-A-School program, or other educational services, they've got you covered.

Connection with the Community: Through initiatives like the Adopt-A-School Program, Marine Corps families have opportunities to engage with local schools, fostering a sense of community and partnership.

With the School Liaison Program, Marine Corps families are ensured a seamless educational transition for their children, regardless of where they are stationed. The dedicated team at SLP is always ready to assist, providing resources, information, and support every step of the way.

Additional Details

  • Hawaii's Educational Landscape: Public schools in Hawaii operate from early August to late May, with breaks in mid-October, mid-December, and mid-March. Students entering a school for the first time must have a TB clearance, a complete student health record, and all required immunizations. To locate your child's school, use the School Site Locator tool on the Hawaii DOE website.
  • Diverse Educational Choices: In addition to public schools, Hawaii offers private schools and homeschooling options. For more information, visit the Hawaii Association for Independent Schools website and the Hawaii DOE Homeschooling site, respectively.
  • Higher Education and College Preparation: Resources such as the STEP UP program, SAT/ACT preparation programs, and Federal Student Aid are available to help your child prepare for college.
  • Adopt-A-School Initiative: This program partners schools and military units to create mutually beneficial relationships. Volunteers from MCBH dedicate over 2,800 hours each year to schools throughout Hawaii, engaging in activities such as tutoring and campus beautification.

The School Liaison Program is a valuable resource for Marine Corps families with school-aged children. By providing guidance, information, and support, the SLP helps ensure that every child's educational needs are met.


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