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Preparing Marines For Civilian Life

The Transition Readiness Program (TRP) ensures Marines prepare to transition from military to civilian life. TRP provides Marines and their families with the tools and resources to pursue the Department of Defense-directed Career Readiness Standards.


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Eligibility for the Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS)

  1. Applicant Status:
    • Must be an Active Duty or Reserve Marine.
  2. Service Duration:
    • Must have served a minimum of 180 consecutive days on Active Duty.
  3. Timeline for TRS Participation:
    • Begin TRS within 12-14 months of End of Active Service (EAS) or 24 months of retirement.
    • Final deadline is no later than 180 days from EAS or Retirement as per MCO 1700.31.
  4. TRS Requirements:
    • Individualized Initial Counseling (IC)
    • Pre-Separation Counseling
    • TRS workshops
    • Capstone Review
    • Commander's Verification

Note: TRS is crucial for a successful transition, providing Marines and their families with essential resources.

Get started here:

Step 1 | Complete Pre-Work Prior to TRS

Prepare for the mandatory, Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS).

The following pre-work is required to be completed before you can register for a seminar (view TRS Instructions & Checklist.)

  1. Download 2024 TRS Checklist.pdf and fill out the top portion of the first page and follow Transition Pre-Work Instructions on checklist.
    Use the following links below to follow along with the checklist.
  2. Schedule your Individual Counseling Appointment
    Schedule Individual Counseling Appointment
    1. Must complete and bring all pre-work to your Individual Counseling Appointment. 
    2. Individual Counseling Appointments must be completed no later than 365 days prior to your End of Active Service (EAS). 
    3. At this one-on-one appointment with a Transition Specialist, you will begin your Transition journey by selecting course pathways and dates. 
  3. Complete Self Assessment/ITP
  4. Initiate the e-Form   (MUST use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)
  5. VMET (Verification of Military Experience and Training)   (MUST use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge)
  6. JST (Joint Service Transcript) 
  7. VA Account Registration
  8. Update MOL Email 


Step 2 | Pre-Separation Counseling Brief (NLT 365 Days Prior to EAS)

Pre-Separation Counseling Brief is mandatory.

The brief is scheduled no later than 365 days prior to your End of Active Service (EAS) date. The date and location of your pre-separation counseling brief will be scheduled at your Individual Counseling Appointment.

Step 3 | Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS) (12-24 Months, NLT 180 Days Prior to EAS)

Topics covered: 

  • DoD Day – Managing My Transition, MOC Crosswalk, Finance, and Healthcare options. 
  • VA Benefits and Services 
  • Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Fundamentals 
  • Depending on the assigned Tier, this will be your chosen Transition Track. Options include Employment, Education, Entrepreneurial, and Career Exploration classes.
  • PTAD | 100% in class – NO outside appointments or being pulled away; this will result in being dropped from the class. 

Step 4 | TRS 400 - Capstone Review (NLT 120 Days Prior to EAS/Beginning of Terminal Leave)

  • Print out the Capstone Checklist in the downloads section.
  • Capstones are offered by appointment only.

Step 5 | Commanders Verification Capstone (NLT 90 Days Prior to EAS)

  • Schedule your capstone interview with the Commanding Officer or assigned Command Designee.
  • DD2648/eForm is signed during this interview by Commanding Officer or designee and converted to a PDF.
  • Provide a copy to Unit Transition Coordinator UTC and IPAC.

Step 6 | Transition to Civilian

You are on your way to civilian life.


Contact Information

Transition Readiness Program

5th Street Building 244
Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH)
Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii 96863

Phone: 8082577790

Retired Activities Program: 8082577790


Monday 0730-1630
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Holiday hours may vary.
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